Multi-Site Vs Domain: A Commerce Case Study

A presentation at Drupal GovCon in in Bethesda, MD, USA by John Picozzi

For ages people have been building Drupal Multi-sites to handle similar but different websites. The allure of updating a single code base while maintaining separate databases was and still is very appealing. However, how do you overcome the need to share content, allow users and admins a single place to login, or something as basic as content translation? Here enters the Domain module and it’s ability to simplify our life and more importantly our websites.

We will use the new Leica Geosystems commerce experience to guide our conversation and illistrate the benefits of upgrading a Drupal 7 Multi-site to Drupal 8 using the Domain module. We will outline the key problems we had to address. While sharing some of the modules used to make this multi-national, multi-lingual, e-commerce project a success. That’s right, as if Multi-site vs Domain wasn’t enough we will also talk about how Commerce made our transition from a Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 easier.

This talk is for all audiences and skill sets. So join me on this crazy multi-site vs domain with commerce adventure it will be sure to not only educate, but also entertain.


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