Drupal 8 Translation - A Live Demo

A presentation at NERD Summit in in Amherst, MA, USA by John Picozzi

Anyone that has been to a conference knows that Live Demo’s are the double edged sword of any speaker. If the Live Demo goes off without a hitch, the speaker is a rockstar and the audience will sing their praises. If the Demo crashes and burns in a heap at the podium, the speaker will be drawn and quartered by the audience. So, live demos can be challenging and if your going to take the risk of doing a live demo why not amp up the difficultly level by adding a topic like Translation.

This live demo will be something of a working session where we will use a local Drupal environment to show the following three things:

  • How to get Drupal Multilingual setup from a basic Drupal 8 Install
  • How to translate Items using Drupal’s built-in Translation System.
  • How to integrate with a translation service like Lingotek to do easy machine translation

To participate with this talk you should have the following:

  • Whatever local environment you want (MAMP, Vagrant, etc)
  • A base Drupal install built with Drupal Composer ** If you're more comfortable using Drush feel free!
  • A basic knowledge of Drupal 8 and how to install modules via Composer

The above are not needed if you just want to come, watch and ask questions. However, if you would like to leave with a fully working (hopefully) translation demo you can show your friends, come prepared!



The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.