5 Tips to Translation... And My Love Affair with Lingotek

A presentation at New England Drupal Camp (NEDCAMP) in in Providence, RI, USA by John Picozzi

Translation of an entire website can be a huge task and in some cases a headache. Trust me I know. I have done both Node Translation and Entity Translation for two major National and Worldwide Companies. With these 5 tips and the help of a translation service the task of translation could be much easier. Let me share the mistakes and missteps I have learned from through my dealings with translations. After this talk you will know the difference between Entity Translation and Node Translation, and know which is best and why. You should also have a good idea when you need to start translation on a project. This won't be a sales pitch for Lingotek or other services, simply an example of how a service like Lingotek can make your translation life easier.